Saturday, 21 April 2012

This is the beginning of my life journey as a doctor. It has been 3 weeks since i started my HO life. Ive to start from zero since every single thing seems so different compared to what i ve learnt during my medical school. Two days ago i decided to quit from this stressful job and planned to be a 'cekgu tadika' je.
I wz physically exhausted, mentally depressed and emotionally unstable and i d reached my maximum limit that night. i can't even think properly. One of my collegue sms me and ol of sudden i realized that ill waste my 5 years if i  give up just like that. Here what she said....

"It is not easy to start becoming a HO, and even harder when ur first posting is in medical. So do i when i was in O&G for my first posting. Its realy a waste to just give up like that. Every difficulties or mistakes u encounters will just make u a stronger person. Hope u think carefully before u decided to quit."

Ya Allah, guide me plz......gimme strength