Friday, 1 June 2012

2months already since i started my Ho life. There were changes ive made to myself and they affected my life as well.

As a HO ive to learn so many things as i never learn them before in my med school. Compared to the other HO who graduated from local uni, i am the most incompetent one i think..they  are so reliable..and that is so terrible and stressfull. In addittion, most of them will leave this posting soon,so ive no one anymore to teach me or to give guidance doing the procedure.

Everyday i think to quit from this job...but it a waste rite??and ill be the most idiot one if i escaped from this high-paid salary job.kan?

I pray to Allah, every second in my life, to give me strength and patience to face all difficulties and obstacles and make me strong enough to finish my 2-year Ho posting.

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